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Road Santa,
How is you ? First I are writting to telling you how I and mine familly spend Christmas every year. Before Christmass we allways cleans the house and decorated the Christmas three. Mine mum and grany works hard in kitchen cooking and bakeing. My brather and my dad puts Christmas lights on the roof. We sends Christmas cards to our familly. Last year we go to my grandparents but these time they is comeing to our house. We can’t waiting to see them. Our aunt Jane and unclle Tom are also comeing with their two babys. I hope there will be a lot of snowy and of course a big turkeys for dinner.This year I doesn’t want to asking you for a presents for me. My better friend Mike and her sister Mary doesn’t have any toys. A burglar broke into and takes everything . Please, help them and brings them some prezents.
I want them to being hapy at Christmas.
Lots of love,
P.S. I are leaving some cookies for you and your reindeers.